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英语赠言 For Birthday

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With best wishes for a happy birthday.

Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life's way.

May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring everything you look forward to.

Happy birthday, on this year special day, may gladness fill your every hour with joy to light your way.

May your memories today be warm ones. May your dreams today be dear. May your joy last through the year. Have a wonderful birthday!

May your life be brighter as each birthday comes and goes, with new happiness unfolding(绽开) like the petal(花瓣) of a rose. have a wonderful birthday!

The golden key to happiness, to health and fortune, too. This greeting symbolizes(象征) all three of these for you.

Sunny, bright, delightful, warm and wonderful, too--- That's the kind of birthday this wish is wishing you!


Whatever dream you're dreaming, may each one of them come true; whatever plans you're making may they all work out for you. Happy birthday!

Love is always my fight to you. Happy birthday!

Roses, sweet and fragrant, sent to you to say, may each hour be a happy one on this special day. Have a happy birthday!

To love is nothing. To be loved is something. to love, and be loved, is everything.

May you have many, many happy birthday and always keep loveliness and charm.

Wish you all happiness, health and prosperity(事业发达) with many many returns of the day.

Please accept my gift for your birthday, not for its own value, but for the sake of the thoughts it represents.

   man is not old as long as he is seeking something.

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