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Spain is one of the ancient countries in Europe and together with her close neighbour Portugal, occupies Iberian peninsula - a vast block of land in the extreme south - west corner of Europe.

  Spain is a land of mountains and plateaus. It is one of the more mountainous countries of Europe. Most of its people are crowded into narrow stripe of coastal lowland along the Bay of Biscay to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south and east.

  In most parts of Spain water is scarce, and because of this it is a precious commodity that people never waste. Door-to-door water-sellers are still a common sight in poor areas.


  Spain has a variety climate; in most parts the climate is extremely harsh. Up on the Meaeta in the center of the country the winter are long and cold, with icy winds blowing down from the mountains, and occasional downpours or snowfalls. In the summer months the temperature shoots right up and the sun beats down from a blue, cloudless sky.







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