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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)

第一节 (共5小题;每小题l.5分,满分7.5分)


1.How does the man like to begin his lecture?

A.With a laugh. B.With a song. C.With a joke.

2.What does the man do?

A.A driver. B.A policeman. C.A gatekeeper.

3.Where are the two speakers?

A.At a bus stop. B.In a shop. C.In a hospital.

4.What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers?

A.Teacher and student. B.Classmates. C.Mother and son.

5.What might have happened?

A.An earthquake. B.A fire. C.A gas accident.

第二节 (共15小题;每小题l.5分,满分22.5分)



6.Who is the woman?

A.A candidate. B.A radio announcer. C.A campaign manager.

7.Where will they put up the posters?

A.In the hallways. B.In the classrooms. C.In the cafeteria.

8.What will the mail do tonight?

A.Put up posters. B.Write a speech. C.Answer questions.


9.What may be the two speakers?

A.Movie makers. B.Actors. C.TV presenters.

10.According to the man,which is the funniest movie of the year?

A.Beyond the Moon. B.A Man’s Best Friend. C.San Francisco.

11.Which movie is appreciated by both of the speakers?

A.Beyond the Moon. B.A Man’s Best Friend. C.San Francisco.


12.How will the speakers travel?

A.By train. B.By bus. C.By plane.

13.How many months should the man book the traveling in advance?

A.Four months. B.Eight months. C.Five months.

14.What is the purpose of the man?

A.To book a ticket. B.To give some details. C.To ask for information.


15.How many places will Mr. Robertson visit in China?

A.Two B.Three C.Four

16.How will Mr. Robertson go to Xi’an?

A.By plane. B.By train. C.By car.

17.In which country was Mr. Robertson born?

A.Australia B.Britain C.China


18.Where does the speaker probably work?

A.In a museum. B.In a travel agency. C.In a car sales centre.

19.What does the speaker mainly talk about?

A.Exhibitions of films.

B.Exhibitions of music.

C.Exhibitions of vehicles.

20.Which is the world’s first jet ski?

A.The one from Mr. Bean.

B.The one from Die Another Day.

C.The one from The Spy Who Loved Me.

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



“Mommy! Call I go and play outside with Danny? Please? I promise l will only play in the shade!” Kelly said.

What hurt her mother was only being able to stand aside when her daughter needed her most.“Kelly…I’m really sorry.You can’t go.I’m too concerned about you. You might accidentally go in the sun,which means we have to get you to hospital again.”Kelly was allergic to the sun.The doctor said it was incurable.

Kelly looked outside where her brother Danny was playing.Why did she have to be allergic to the sun? Why?

Kelly’s mother closed her eyes and she pointed upstairs where Kelly’s bed was.“Go to bed.”she said.Kelly had tears in her eyes.She forced her legs up the stairs and buried her face in her pillow.She wanted Danny to come back , for he could tell her stories about birds and squirrels.She waited,and soon he did come and told her about a blue bird he had seen.Kelly often wondered what a bird looked like.She was really curious about the birds in the yard.Maybe she could find out herself someday.

The next day, Danny entered Kelly’s room again to tell her what he had seen.She wasn’t there.He called again and again but no one replied.He searched anxiously around and saw a body.His eyes widened.It couldn’t be.Was it what he thought it was? Was it…Kelly? With shaking hands,Danny turned over the body.He screamed.It was Kelly.Her skin was swollen and had ugly rashes(皮疹)all over.She was holding a pencil in her right hand.And in her left hand was an almost finished picture of a bird , below which he found some words which read:“I finally get to see you.I will always remember you and love your nature no matter what.”

21.Why did Kelly want to go outside?

A.To take pictures. B.To tell stories.

C.T0 100k at animals. D.To walk in sunshine.

22.Where did Danny possibly find Kelly the next day?

A.In the yard. B.In the kitchen.

C.In the basement. D.In the living room.

23.Kelly can be best described as __________.

A.innocent and helpful B.delicate and cautious

C.curious and determined D.sensitive and thoughtful


Roma Pass Kit (套装) enables both tourists and interested local residents the opportunity to benefit from various discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the sights of Rome.

. Free entry to the first 2 visited museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice.

· Concessionary(优惠的)ticket to all other museums and / or archaeological sites visited thereafter.

· Free use of the city’s public transport network.Valid until midnight of the third day inclusive that of the first validation for ATAC public transport within the territory of the Municipality of Rome.

· Discounted tickets to exhibitions,events and other cooperating operators and businesses (Roma Pass Guide).

· Tourist cultural services Roma Passè.

. At the Colosseum a reserved turnstile(旋转栅门) is available for Roma Pass holders to get direct access to the monument.

In the kit:

· The Roma Pass card:the card used to visit museums / archaeological sites and on the public transport system as described above.

· Roma MAP:A map with all the Tourist Information Points,Metro stations,museums and other sites of interest;

· Roma Pass Guide:the list of under agreement museums/sites.and the list of all the partners of the Roma Pass which offer discounts to card holders;

· Roma Passè:the card with the App activation code to download the best of the city.

How to use it:

· The overleaf(背面的)form must be filled with name,surname and validation date.

· The card is valid for three days and is activated at the time of the first entry to the museums/sites,and/or at the first journey on public transport,up until midnight of the third day, including the day of the activation.

· It must be produced along with your identity papers when required by the staff in charge.

Please note that most museums generally are closed on Mondays (with the exception of the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla).Almost all the museums normally are closed on December 25 , January l and May l too.We advise you to check in advance.

24.With Roma Pass you can enjoy __________.

A.reserved access to 2 sites entry to any museums use of ATAC within Italy

D.discounts for certain exhibitions

25.When using the Roma Pass card,you must bring your __________.

A.activation code B.ID document

C.purchase receipt D.Roma Pass Guide

26.Where will you possibly find the passage?

A.In a tourist guide. B.In a history textbook.

C.On a transport notice. D.On a shopping list.

27.What can we learn from the passage?

A.The Roma Pass card is valid for at least 72 hours.

B.The Colosseum is not open to the public on Mondays.

C.Only foreign tourists are qualified to buy the Roma Pass.

D.You’d better avoid visiting Roma museums at Christmas.


When you go to the doctor, you like to come away with a prescription.It makes you feel better to know you will get some medicine.But the doctor knows that medicine is not always needed.Sometimes all a sick person needs is some reassurance that all will be well.In such cases the doctor may prescribe a placebo.

A placebo is a sugar pill,a harmless shot,or ail empty capsule.Even though they have no medicine in them , these things seem to make people well.The patient thinks it is medicine and begins to get better.How does this happen?

The study of the placebo opens up new knowledge about the way the human body can heal itself.It is as if there was a doctor in each of us.The doctor will heal the body for us if we let it.But it is not yet known just how the placebo works to heal the body.Some people say it works because the human mind fools itself.These people say that if the mind is fooled into thinking it got medicine,then it will act as if it did,and the body will feel better.

Placebos do not always work.The success of this treatment seems to rest a lot with the relationship between the patient and the doctor.If the patient has a lot of trust in the doctor and if the doctor really wants to help the patient,then the placebo is more likely to work.So in a way, the doctor is the most powerful placebo of all.

A placebo can also have bad effects.If patients expect a bad reaction to medicine,then they will also show a bad reaction to the placebo.This would seem to show that a lot of how you react to medicine is in your mind rather than in your body.Some doctors still think that if the placebo can have bad effects it should never be used.They think there is still not enough known about it.

The strange power of the placebo does seem to suggest that the human mind is stronger than we think it is.There are people who say you can heal your body by using your mind.And the interesting thing is that even people who swear this is not possible have been healed by a placebo.

28.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 5 refer to?

A.The placebo. B.The bad effect.

C.The body. D.The medicine.

29.What do we know about placebo according to the passage?

A.It contains some sort of medicine.

B.It won’t function if you are negative about medicine.

C.People who don’t believe placebo can’t be healed by it.

D.Patients and doctors know clearly how it helps to heal the body

30.Why is the doctor sometimes the most powerful placebo?

A.The patient needs help badly.

B.The patient believes in the doctor.


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