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Unit 6 Is this your pencil-box?

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  通过本单元的学习,使学生掌握形容词性物主代词、数词、以及名词的复数形式的用法。本单元的日常交际项目是“确认所属”(Identifying possessions)。


  元音字母 Oo 在重读开、闭音节中的读音与相应的拼读规则。

  掌握:excuse, me, but, come, come in, mum, friend, brother, nice, to, meet, child, children, welcome, our, these, they, good, those, boat, hill, tree, their, much, very much, all, right, all right,
  日常交际用语:Is this your/ my/ his/ her pencil-box? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.
  Here you are. Where is my…? Welcome to our home. Who am I? Do you know? What number is Jim’s bus? Come in, please. These are my friends. Kate and her brother Jim… They’re their books. That’s all right. Thank you very much. What are these/ those? They’re… etc. It’s very good.
  Are these / those they English books? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t

  1) 运用these, those和 they。
  2) 运用 my, your, his, her和 its( 名词性物主代词 )

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