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Unit 8 Mainly revision

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  1)— ______

   — Fine, thanks.

  A. How do you do?   B. Hello!

  C. Nice to meet you.  D. How are you?

  分析:答案为D,“How+be+主语?”常用于问候某人的身体健康状况,其答语常用Fine/Well, thanks。

  2)— How do you do? — ____________

  A. How do you do?  B. Thank you.

  C. How are you?   D. Hello!

  分析:答案为A,两人初次见面的时候,常用How do you do? 互致问候。

  3)Mr. White: (to his wife) Mary, __________.

  Mr. Green: How do you do? Mrs. White.

  Mrs. White: How do you do? Glad to meet you.

  A. this is my friend, Mr. Green. B. this is my wife(妻子)

  C. he is my friend, Mr. Green D. this is your friend, Mr. Green

  分析:答案为A,把某人介绍给他人时,常用“This is…”。

  4) “You speak very good English.” “_____________.”

  A. Thank you    B. No, my English isn’t good.

  C. Don’t say that D. It’s a pleasure.

  分析:答案为A,在别人赞扬或褒奖你时,应用Thank you表示谢意,切忌按汉语表达习惯谦虚一番。

  5)—Thank you for your help. —____________.

  A. It doesn’t matter.   B. You’re welcome

  C. You are kind (好意的). D. I don’t think so.

  分析:答案为B,回答别人谢意时常答You’re welcome或That’s all right.表示“不客气”。


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