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Unit 9 Come and meet the famil

作者:未知来源:中央电教馆时间:2006/4/17 20:29:53阅读:nyq

教学目标(Teaching Aims)

掌握词汇:family, grandfather, grandpa, grandmother, grandma, dad, wife, husband, daughter, son, parent(s), big, England, aunt, uncle, afternoon, do, seat, like, look like, doctor, worker
理解词汇:family tree, hat, guess
语音:/ei/ a / ? /a /p/ p /b/ b /t/ t /d/ d
句型:Come and meet the family.
   Go and see. I think it’s …
   Nice to see you. Glad to meet you.
   Please come in.
   Good afternoon. How do you do? Please have a seat.

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