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Unit 11 What's in the teacher's room

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教学目标(Teaching Aims)

  通过本单元教学,使学生能正确运用所学介词短语和There be结构,表达事物的处所与位置。能归纳i字母的正确发音,区分l, m, n, ng等辅音字母及其组合的发音。

  1) 掌握词汇:there, there’s= there is, many, thing, must, open, get, help, purse, money, worry, fifty, colour, black, house, small, like(v.), play, up, with, look, have a look

  2) 理解词汇:lock, locked, playhouse, great, pingpong

  3) 语音: i /ai/  /i/

   l /l/  m /m/   n /n /   ng ,n /η  /

  4) 语法和句型:

   There be 句型

   介词短语on the wall, under the bed, behind the door, near the desk, in the pencil-box,

   What’s in/on/under/near/behind…?

   There is a(an)… in/on/under/near/behind…

  5) 日常交际用语:

   Let me help you find it.

   Let me see. That’s it.

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