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Unit 2 No smoking, Please!

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The main dialogue of this unit is to practise the students how to ask for permission, refuse and give permission ability. Though learning the way of expressing are able to remind the students speaking in daily life. This dialogue is the main idea to learn to use these phrase for permission. Though two men’s talking. Meanwhile this lesson offer some practice to help the students to understand and learn about the content of the dialogue. In order to master these phases, this lesson has short dialogue to give the students to speak each other.
1.catch fire与be on fire
1)catch fire:begin to burn着火;烧着。catch fire有动态含义,揩“开始燃烧”。
Paper catches fire easily.纸容易着火。
The bed clothes catch fire and the whole house may be burnt down.铺盖着火了,整个房子都可能烧掉。
2)be on fire:be burning着火;失火。 be on fire有静态含义,指“燃烧的状态”。
  The house was on fire.房子着火了。
  She woke up at midnight and found the kitchen on fire.她半夜醒来发现厨房失火了。
2.die of与die from
1)die of可用来表示“死亡的原因”,经常用于害病、饥渴、年老、疾劳等致死的场合。
  die of an illness/a disease; die of hunger; die of thirst; die of a fever; die of old age等等。
2)die from常用于过度饮食eating too much;饮酒过度drinking too much;工作过度overwork等。
  但是有语法家认为这种区别实际上并不存在。他们认为,在表示死因(the cause of death)时,既可以用die of,也可以用die of,但是以die of为多见。
  He died of cancer.他死于癌症。He died from cancer.他死于癌症。
3.Every year, tobacco companies must persuade new people to start smoking cigarettes.烟草公司每年都要劝说一些不吸烟的人开始吸烟。
persuade sb. to do sth.意为“劝说某人做某事”。
I persuaded her to accept the invitation to Wu Dong's birthday party.我劝说她接受参加吴东生日晚会的邀请。
注意:如果劝说不一定成功,可用词组try to persuade sb, to do sth.。
I tried to persuade her to go with me, but I failed.我劝她跟我一起去,但我没成功。
另外,劝说某人不要做某事可用词组persuade sb. not to do sth. 或 persuade sb. against doing sth.
We persuaded Lin Tao not to smoke. = We persuaded Lin Tao against smoking.我们说服了林涛别吸烟。
4. But in the same year, cigarette smoking cost the government even more money, about 28 billion yuan.但在同一年里,因吸烟而使政府付出了更多的钱,约280亿元。
a)(sth.)cost sb.+钱 (某物)花费某人多少钱
b)(sth,)cost sb.+其他 使某人失去……
That bike cost me 350 yuan.我花了350元买了那辆自行车。
His careless driving cost him a leg.他的粗心驾驶使他失去了一条腿。
a) sb. spend + 时间/钱+on + 名词 某人花……做……
b) sb. spend + 时间/钱+ (in) doing sth. 某人花……做……
c)sb. pay + 钱+ for sth. 某人花钱买……
d) It take sb. + 时间/钱 + to do sth. 某人花时间/钱做
He spends 50 yuan on books every month.
He spends 50 yuan (in) buying books every month.
He pays 50 yuan for books every month.
It takes him 50 yuan to buy books every month.
Xiao Ming spends 2 hours on English every day.
Xiao Ming spends 2 hours (in) learning English every day.
It takes Xiao Ming 2 hours to learn English every day.
5.Do yon mind if I smoke ? 你介意我抽烟吗?
1)Do/Would you mind if ...? 常用来表示“请求、许可”的意思。句中的mind作“介意”、“反对”解。注意:如果用Would you mind if . . . ?从句中就要用虚拟语气。如:
  Do you mind if I close the window? 关上窗户你介意吗?
  Would you mind if I closed the window? 关上窗户你介意吗?
2)在回答这样的句子时要特别注意:若在答语里表示“愿意(不反对)”,应说“Certainly not”或“Of course not”。若表示“不愿意(反对)”,应说“I'm sorry, but...”,习惯上不用yes来直接回答。
3)在 Do/Would you mind之后还可跟动词-ing形式,在动词-ing之前还可以有人称代词宾格或物主代词,用来请求允许,或请求别人作某事。如:
Would you mind my turning off the TV?我关上电视你介意吗?
We know that it is not easy to give up smoking.我们知道戒烟不容易。
Suddenly he realized that he had made a mistake.突然他意识到他犯了一个错误。
I hope that you will be well.我希望你很快就会好起来。
Do you know when the meeting will be held? 你知道这次会议什么时候举行吗?
Please tell me what mother has bought for me today.请告诉我,妈妈今天给我买了些什么。
They didn’t say how many guests would attend the party.他们没有说会有多少客人来参加这次聚会。
I wonder whose bicycle this is. 我想知道这辆自行车是谁的。
I can’t remember what he said at the meeting.我记不起来他在会上讲了些什么。
We thank you for what you have done for us.感谢您为我们所做的一切。
The problem with tobacco is that it contains a drug called nicotine.烟草的问题在于它里面含有一种叫做尼古丁的麻醉剂。
The difficulty is that smokers can’t go without smoking.困难的事情是:烟民们不吸烟就感到难受。
That’s how he passed the physics examination.他就是这样通过物理考试的。
That’s why we decide to sell our house.那就是我们决定把房子卖掉的原因。
3)由关系代词 what引导的表语从句
That’s what we should do.这是我们应该做的。
This country is no longer what it used to be.这个国家已不再是过去的样子了。

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