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Unit 3 Body language

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About Body Language

  Did you know that the distance at which two people stand when having a conversation varies from culture to culture? In some countries, people may stand quite close together, often moving their faces even closer as the conversation progresses. Studies have shown that most Americans feel uncomfortable if they stand too close to others when talking; they feel most comfortable at a distance of about 50 centimeters. In still other countries, people prefer to have even more space than 50 centimeters between them when having a conversation.
  Another social custom you will notice is that Americans, like many other people, often express themselves with their hands when talking. They may show friendly feelings by touching another person on the shoulder during a conversation, or they may pat a child’s head to show their affection for the child. According to the customs of some people from other countries, these expressions may be unwelcome, especially if they are made with the left hand. Many Americans are left-handed; there is no special importance given to either the left or right hand in the United States; neither one shows a lack of respect. In all such matters, however, if the use of the hands in social situations make you feel uncomfortable, a slight hesitation on your part will usually be understood by your American friends to indicate your feelings

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