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Unit 4 Newspapers

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  1) Important vocabularies

  Daily; advertisement; check interview; fix; develop; hand;     add; deliver; speed; latest; publish; avoid; besides; get down   to ; face-to face; be popular with somebody; as well; care for

  2)Daily expressions

 Are you /Will you be free then?
  Yes, I'd be fee. I'd like to go.
  Let's go together then. I'll meet you at the theatre at six - thirty .
  Good! See you then.
  What time shall we meet?
  Where is the best place to meet?
  What about meeting outside? I suggest…

  3) Useful phases

  What's on…? Is there anything good on?
  They are said to be very good.
  Finally, there is no more time left for adding new stories.

  4) Grammar

  V.-ing Form is used to be Subject and Object

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