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Unit 4 Newspapers

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  Time is a weekly news magazine founded by Briton Hadden and Henry R. Luce. Time's current circulation is about 4.3 million. In 1981 its advertising revenues were up 13 percent to $ 254.3 million, the highest of any magazine in the US. Its cover portraits and cover stories, “Man of the year” feature, departmentalization of the news and writing style-Time-style, were as familiar journalistically as some of its neologisms. Time summarizes the news concisely and completely, gives background, organizes and departmentalizes the news each week. It covers national and foreign affairs, books, art, theatre, cinema, music, education, religion, medicine, law, science, finance, sports, press and milestones. And it 90 did, with unquestionable success.


  Women is a popular illustrated weekly British magazine for women, containing fashion details, short stories and serial stories, often on romantic themes. It also has practical advice and hints for housewives and variety of articles of general interest. It was first published in 1937, with a current circulation of around 1.5 million.

China Daily

  China Daily is the first and only national English language newspaper in China. Launched in Beijing on June 1, 1981. Distributed in more than 150 countries and regions, China Daily is one of China's major information sources for English language readers who want to learn about China's political, economic, cultural and social development.
  China Daily publishes 12 broad -sheet pages Monday through Friday and eight pages on Saturday. Page I covers major domestic and world new events. Page 2 concentrates on domestic political and social news. Page3 focuses on local developments in Beijing and other municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions. Page 4 is the opinion page. Pages 5, 6 and 7 comprise the economic news section, featuring national and international business events, financial reports and stock listing. Pages 8 and 9 specialize in feature stories covering culture, travel and entertainment. Page 10 is the sports page. Page 11 concentrates on Asia- Pacific news and Page 12 focuses on world events.

21st Century

  21st Century is an English educational weekly designed to promote the use of English and understanding of world current affairs among those who are learning and speaking English. It is specially edited to meet the urgent need to expose the country's younger generation to the larger world and to the English language to prepare them for the challenges of the globalization.
  Besides its regular 16 pages, 21st Century carries an eight - page supplement focusing on a different field of knowledge in each issue. Our supplement on business, technology and international education have proved popular with university students and young business professionals.


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