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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin

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教学设计方案Lesson 17

Step I Presentation
1.The teacher and the Ss make up a dialogue
T: What do you do in your spare time everyday?
S1…… S2…… S3……
T: What do you plan to do this weekend?
S1: I plan to….
S2: I want to ……
S3: I’d like to ……
T: Good. Can you guess what I have decided to do?
T: No. I intend to see a comedy directed by a famous director.
2.T tells the Ss Today we're going to listen to a dialogue between a journalist and the director of a play.
3.W rite the underlined words on the Bb and teach these new words
direct, comedy, line, particular, act, actress, intend so on.
Step II Listening
Get the Ss to listen to the dialogue with book closed and then answer the question on the Bb.
What does this director plan to do next? ( He is going to direct a comedy. )
Step III Reading
1.Get the Ss to read the dialogue as quickly as possible and find the answer to this question.
What does a director do in the theatre?
1). Choose a play and the actors.
2). Practise doing the play.
3). Tell the actors where to stand and where to move.
4). Practise entrance and exits.
5). Practise the timing.
2. Get the Ss to read the dialogue in pairs. You may wish to ask one pair to act the scene in front of the class.
Step ⅣOral practice
1 SB Part 2. P. 25. Get the Ss to work in pairs. One is a journalist, the other is a director, using the questions on the left. Demonstrate the question and answer practice with a good student.
J: What do you do in the theatre?
D: I’m an director. I direct a play.
J: What are you doing at present?
D: We are practising doing a play.
J: What do you enjoy doing most of all?
D: I enjoy directing dancing.
J: What are your plans for the future?
D: I intend to direct another comedy. I hope to put on the play next year.
2 Do WB Ex 2 P. 93 Complete the dialogue in pairs. Then check the answers with the whole class and ask the Ss to read aloud
Step Ⅴ Language points
Get the Ss to underlined these useful expressions. Give them some explanations if necessary.
1. at the very beginning 2. at the end of 3. practise doing sth. 4. put on a play/performances 5. intend to do 6 not only… but also…
Step ⅥWorkbook
Do Ex 1. P93 as a consolidation.
Step Ⅶ Homework
1. Do WB Ex3 P. 93 in their exercise book.
2. Preview Lesson 18.

Lesson 18


  Revise the dialogue in SB L. 17 by asking a pair of students to act out the dialogue they themselves made.


1.T will shows picture to the Ss. A: Show picture l: Charlie Chaplin on the stage.

T: Do you know the figure?   Ss: Yes. It is Charlie Chaplin on the stage.

T: The figure is familiar to the people all over the world. It is Charlie Chaplin’s own manner of acting.

B. Show picture 2 : Portrait of Chaplin.

T: Do you know any information about Charlie Chaplin?

S1: He was one of the greatest directors.

S2: He was one of the funniest actors.

T: Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the greatest directors and funniest actors in history of the cinema. He is the most outstanding genius artist, who made the people all over the world burst into laughter.

At last, tell the Ss today let's read about the famous actor and film director.

Step III Listening

Get the Ss to listen to the tape of the passage and then answer the following questions.

1. What kind of films did Charlie Chaplin act in?

2. Which were more popular, his early films or his later films ?


Get the Ss to read the passage quickly to find the answers to the following questions.

1. How many films did he act in? How many films did he write, direct and act in?

2. What did he do when he was five years old?

  A. How about at the age of eight?  B. What happened in 1912?

3. What’s his own manner of acting?

4. Can you tell me his two most famous films?

5. Which were more popular, his early films or his later films?

6. When was he born? When did he die? Where was he buried?


T organizes the Ss to discuss the two topic in a few minutes( work in pairs )

1.How do you think of the Charlie Chapin?

2.What do you learn from Charlie Chapin?

Step Language points

1. Ask the Ss to underlined the following expressions. Give them some explanations.

be conferred,at the age of eight, set off forset off= departed, left, the one that was to become world-famous, in the air, be uncertain about=be hesitant, be honoured for

Step Note making

SB Page 27, part 2.

1 On the Bb writes the following:

Chaplin was born in London in 1889.

Born: London, 1889                                                    

2 Let the Ss do the note making individually. Check the answers at the end of this activity.

Step Practice

SB. Page 27, Part 3. Check that the Sa understand what they have to do. Do the first two items orally with whole class. Then let them work in pairs. Check the answers at the end.

Answers: 1. in 2. in 3. at 4. By 5. to 6. by 7. During 8. Between9. of 10. on

Step Workbook

Do WB Ex 2 on P. 94.

Step Homework

1. Recite the 3rd Paragraph of the text.

2. Finish off part 3 on P27

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