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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin

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1. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it ______.

  A. breaks   B. has broken   C. were broken   D. had broken

  分析:该题考查 as if引导的从句的用法。 as if引导的从句若与事实相悖,则用虚拟形态。因此C为正确答案。

2. Betty ______ a red shirt ______ today.

  A. puts; on   B. has; on   C. dresses; up   D. wear;/

  分析:短语动词 have on wear一样,意思是“穿着”、“戴着”,表示状态,但前者无被动式和进行式;dress用作及物动词时,后面接人作宾语,而不接名词作宾语;本题不选D是因为主语是第三人称单数。故B为正确答案。

3.The weather turned out to be very good, ______was more than we could expect.                                                   

  A. it   B. which     C. that      D. what


4.They live in a large house, in front of ______there are many beautiful flowers.

  A. that   B. which    C. it     D. this


5.After living in Paris for 50 years he returned to the small town ______he grew up as a child.                                .     

  A. which    B. that   C. where    D. when

  分析:本题考查定语从句中关系副词的使用。关系副词 where代替 in the small town,在定语从句中充当地点状语。答案为C

6. The newly-built bridge __________ the beauty of the city.

  A. is added to  B. adds up to   C. adds to   D. adds up

  解析:add to,增加;增添。addthe figuresup将(这些数字)累加起来;add up to指数目、数量总计达……;addsugar/salttothe water)往水加些糖/盐。根据题意,答案为C

7 .On the way home, he was _______ in a storm. As a result, he developed a cold.

  A. met   B. caught   C. kept    D. left

  解析:be caught在这里的意思是“陷入困境”或”赶上……”,后面常接介词in,所以答案为B


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