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Unit 6 Mainly Revision

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一、Teaching Aims
二、Teaching important and difficult points
  1.Words and phrases
  shape, ring, collection, bank, material, hide, (hid, hidden), envelope, cheaply, cock, shame coin, silver, penny, (pi. pence) , mine, possibly, whenever, whatever, afford, hand out, here and there, look round, sooner or later, pick up, packs of, kind of…, at the beginning, be mixed with
  2.Daily expressions
  Hello. Can I speak to Zhou Lan, please?
  This is Zhou Lan speaking.
  But I’ve only just got home.
  I would like to ask you about some stamps.
  What a pity! What a shame!
  I’ll ring you if I have any news.
  It’s a pity I didn’t think of it earlier.
  Revise grammar from unit one to unit five.

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