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Unit 8 First aid

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Teaching aims
  通过本单元的教学,学生了解有关急救的常识,在生活中如何处理一些突发事件,然后实施紧急救护等总结,归纳情态动词的用法,如:should/shouldn’t; must/mustn’t ;ought to等表示义务和责任的用法。
Teaching important and difficult points
knee, still, bite (bit, bitten/bit), lay (laid, laid), mouth-to-mouth, bum, cut, electric, container pool, breathe, within, handkerchief, wound, safety, wire, guard, sideway, firm, firmly wherever, stomach, injure, injured, injury, poison, quantity, nearby
first aid, ought to, medical care, by mistake, pay attention to, in a short while, deal with, take it easy, running water, out of one’s reach, throw up, hold up
3. Useful expressions
We must carry her to the side of the road.
You mustn’t move someone if they are badly hurt.
Parents should know some first aid.
You shouldn’t get up if you are badly hurt.
I ought to go home.
I have to cook supper for my grandmother.
4. Grammar
Revise Modal Verbs : must, should
Study Modal Verb: ought to

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