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Unit 8 First aid

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1.The boy ______ jump into the river from the bridge.
  A.dare  B.dares to  C.dares  D.dared

2.----Why! I couldn't get you on the telephone this morning.
 ----We ______ tennis in the yard when you phoned.
  A.must be playing  B.could be playing
  C.must have played  D.must have been playing
  分析:通过时间状语从句when you phoned,表明此题要用“must + have been + 动词-ing形式”对过去事情表示推测,所以D项为正确答案。

3.----I stayed at a hotel while in New York.
 ----Oh, did you? You ______ with Barbara.
  A.could have stayed  B.could stay
  C.would stay      D.must have stayed
  分析:本题考查情态动词+完成不定式的用法。a hotel是泛指,表类别,意为住旅社,而不住亲戚家或朋友家。must have stayed 是极为肯定的推测。住旅社可能是任意一家,不一定是和Barbara住一起。D项在语气上也与 did you不连贯,故选 A。

4.----When can I come for the photos? I need them tomorrow afternoon.
 ----They ______ be ready by 12:00.
  A.can  B.should  C.might  D.need

5.A rich man ______about his next meal.
  A. does not need to worry  B. does not need worry
  C. needs not worry      D. needs not to worry
  分析:need作行为动词时的用法:need to do sth; don't need to do sth.;作情态动词时的用法:need do sth. ; need not do sth.根据题意答案选A项。

6.Someone has______ you should______ the area of skin at once.
  A. burnt; cold   B .burned; cool
  C. burning; cold  D. some burns; cool
  分析:选项D中的burns是名词。burn可用作名词:injury, mark made by fire, heat or acid(由火、热或酸类物造成的)烧伤;灼伤。cold不能用动词,而表示“使……冷却”,我们可用动词cool. 正确答案为D项。


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