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Unit 8 First aid

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1.wash the wound    清洗伤口
 apply some ointment 涂上软膏
 sterilize with alcohol 用酒精清毒
 bind up a wound    包扎伤口
 suck out poisonous fluid from a wound  把毒液从伤口吸出
 feel one’s pulse 按脉 take the temperature 量体温
 press clean gause onto the wound  把干净纱布敷在创面
 massage the chilblain area 按摩冻疮部位
  1.lay the casualty down, on a coat or sleeping bag, if possible. Raise his feet higher than his head. Loosen his clothing, reassure him, and take his pulse.
  2. Cover the casualty with a coat or sleeping bag. Check his breathing and pulse rates, particularly if he is unconscious. Be ready to resuscitate him if his heart stops.
  3.Artificial Ventilation
  1)To ensure an open airway, first clear the casualty’s mouth of obstructions. Then place one hand under his chin and one on his forehead, and tile his head back.
  2) Pinching the casualty’s nose shut, damp your mouth over his month, and blow steadily for about two seconds until his chest rises. Remove your mouth and let his chest fall, then repeat.
  3)Listen for the casualty’s breathing and check his pulse, ff he still has a pulse, give 10 breaths per minute until help arrives or the casualty is breathing by himself. If the casualty’s pulse has stopped begin artificial ventilation with chest compression.
  4. If you see someone drowning, speed is very important. Once you get him out of the water, if he isn't breathing, you have four minutes before his brain is completely destroyed. Support his neck, tilt (使翘起)his head back and press his chin(下巴)upwards. This stops the tongue blocking the airway in the throat and is sometimes enough to get him breathing again. If that doesn't work, start mouth-to-mouth breathing. Press his nostrils (鼻孔) together with your fingers. Open your mouth and take a deep breath. Blow into his lungs until his chest rises, then remove your mouth and watch his chest fall. Repeat twelve times a minute. Keep doing until help arrives.
  To bring a child back to life, keep your lips around his mouth and nose and gently blow into his mouth. Give the first four breaths as quickly as possible to fill the blood with oxygen. If in spite of your efforts, he starts turning a blue-grey colour, and you can feel no pulse (脉搏),then pressing is the last chance of saving his life.
  With arms straight, rock forwards, pressing down on the lower half of the breastbone. Don't be too hard or you may break a rib (肋骨).Check how effective you are seeing if his colour improves or his pulse becomes independent to your chest pressing. If this happens, stop the pressing. Otherwise continue until rescue arrives.


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