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Unit 9 Saving the earth

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Teaching aims and demands
1)Important vocabularies
damage, waste, pollute, fit, room, turn---into, cattle, cause, limit, in place, blow away, sight, present, pour, die out, in danger, no more than, purpose, go off, measure, point to, joy
2)Daily expressions
What was the conference like? (What do you think of /about ---? How do you like ---? How about ---?)
It’s a good idea. (I agree with you. That’s quite true. )
We’ve got to do something about pollution.
What else did you hear about at the meeting?
If ---, ----.
3) Useful phases
It was called ---.
That’s a problem we Chinese must pay special attention to.
It won’t be fit for us to live in.
Many of the injured lost their sight.
A lot of disease are present in the water.
The waters of this great lake.
In 1989 an oil tanker hit a rock off the northwest coast of Alaska.
The most important one is the part that humans have played.
First, ---. Second, ----.
In all there are probably no more than a total of 400 tigers left in China.
Last Monday our class went on an organized trip to a forest to study the wildlife.
He was busy measuring a plant and taking photographs of it.
To my great joy, ---.
4) Grammar
The Past Particle as Predicative and Attribute


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