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Unit 9 Saving the earth

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1. It will be months before he __________ his work.
  A. fit for  B. is fit to  C .is fit for  D. is fit with
  分析:fit作动词时意为“适合某物,适合某人”,需要直接加用名词:名词+ fit+ sb./sth,因而排除A项。fit作形容词时,构成短语be fit for sth./sb.表示“胜任,适合”。又因句中最后“…his work”是名词,故选项C为正确。

2. The teacher pointed ______the picture and told us a story.
  A. to   B. of   C. on   D. out
  分析:point to“指向……,指着……(表明位置较远点)”;point at“指着……(用手、棍指点着,表明较近)”;point…out“指出……”可加to sb.或that-clause。故选项A正确。

3. If you work hard, your ideas will ______ realities (现实).
  A. turn in   B. turn into
  C. be turned in D. be turned into
  分析:把A变成B”词组turn A intoB,又因ideas被变成现实,应用被动语态,故选D正确。

4. While walking in the street, the wind blow ______his hat.
  A. out  B. away  C. of  D. from
  分析:blow away或 blow(…)off表示“吹走,吹掉,吹散”,故选B正确

5. The wooden bridge was ______by the running water.
  A. wasted out  B. washed off
  C. washed away D. washed up
  分析:wash out拍打,破产,失败;wash off洗去;wash away冲走,冲蚀;wash up(餐后)洗餐具。根据题意,故答案为C项。


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