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Unit 10 At the shop

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Teaching Aims and demands
  本单元通过学习马克·吐温的《百万英镑》并改编成短剧形式的课文,学生能初步了解作者的风格。学生应能在教师的指导下,排演这个短剧。通过对话课的学习与操练,学生接触表示坚持个人意见的常用语句,并要求学生运用到实际会话中。学习并初步掌握as if和no matter引导让步状语从句的用法。
Teaching important and difficult points
run, choice, note, change, fool, order, pleasant, right, assistant, customer, foolish, insist, tailor depend, favo(u)r , apologize, excited
shop assistant, a clothes shop, give back, or else, change…for …, in the sun, try on, depend on, take place, get off, put on, drop in, once upon a time, do up, in fact, keep back, play the part of, next to
There seems to be something wrong with it.
I would like you to change this blouse.
You sold me a blouse that I can’t use any more.
I am afraid I can’t do that right now.
Why can’t you do something about it?
Is anything the matter?
学习as if和no matter的用法。

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