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诗歌] Childrens Eyes

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What kind of world is it my friend
that little children see?
I wonder if they see God first
because they just believe?

Do they see strength in caring eyes
who watch them as they play -
or maybe love through gentle hands
that guide them on their way?

Do you think they dream of future times
when they would be a king -
or just enjoy their present life
while with their friends they sing?

Do they see the acts of kindness
done for people who are poor?
Is the very best in everyone
what they are looking for?

And when the day is over,
as they close their eyes to sleep,
do they look forward to tomorrow
with its promises to keep?

If this is what the children see,
then it should be no surprise,
the world would be a better place
if we all had children's eyes.


by Tom Krause

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