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Big Challenges

"Keep staring, I might do a trick" That's the message on a T-shirt of mine. People stare at me all the time so I thought this shirt would be funny. See, I'm a dwarf.

dwarf n. 矮子、侏儒

Most of the time people aren't trying to be rude—they just haven't seen many dwarfs like me before. I can understand that. But I also want to let them know that I see them staring. Usually the T-shirt makes them laugh at themselves not at me.

I was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. I have an average size torso but my arms and legs are shorter and my head is bigger than average.

achondroplasia n. 软骨发育不全  dwarfism n. 矮小、侏儒症
torso n. 人体的躯干

Right now I'm almost four feet tall and that's about as tall as I'm going to get. I'm not going to pretend that my HeiGHT isn't a challenge. It is. Light switches and counters are usually too high for me. I can't reach some shelves in the grocery stores. It takes me three steps to keep up with one step of an average size adult. And my mom has to hem almost all of my pants.

switch n. 开关、电闸  grocery n. 杂货、食品  hem v. 缝…的褶边

But everyone faces challenges. You just have to face them with a good attitude. So I have a long barbecue fork to pull things down from pantry shelves. I'm a great climber and I can make a stool out of just about anything. I'll even be able to drive a car with the help of pedal extensions. If all else fails I ask for help.

barbecue n. 吃烧烤肉的野餐  pantry n. 食品室、餐具室   pedal n. 踏板

The way I see it I can do just about anything that an average size person can do. OK, so I'll never play professional sports but I have no problem testing my limits. I have to. For instance, everyone uses stoves. Little people just have to figure out how to use them in different ways. I use a stool to reach mine at home. It may take me longer and it may be harder but I can still do it. (to be continued)


  “瞧着吧,我会有我的高招!” 这就是我的一件T恤衫上面写的东西。因为人们总爱盯着我瞧,所以我想这件T恤衫会让他们感觉很有意思。猜到了吧,我是一个小矮人。






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