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The hardest thing about being a dwarf is dealing with people's reactions. Sometimes people seem to think I'm invisible and they'll do stuff like cut in front of me in a line as if I'm not even there. And one time I was with about five of my dwarf friends and this woman wanted to take our picture. We said no, but she kept asking. It was like she thought we were street performers or something.

My average size friends will stick up for me like when there's a new kid at school who's making fun of me. If I'm with my dwarf friends mostly we just ignore the stares and the teasing. Sometimes we'll stare back—hard—and that usually embarrasses the person so much that the staring stops.

stick up for 为…辩护  teasing n. 戏弄、逗弄

Except for rude people I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. So I don't mind some questions. Usually people want to know what to call a person with my condition. I tell them it's OK to refer to people like me as dwarfs or little people. Just don't call us midgets—it's an outdated term that offends us. I don't mind talking about dwarfism because that makes people see I'm a person just like them.

midget n. 侏儒  outdated adj. 过时的  offend v. 冒犯、使…不愉快

My T-shirt kind of does the same thing. It shows people the real me, a kid with a sense of humor. And maybe that's the real trick showing others that I'm just like them. I play sports and video games, I go to school and I hang out with my friends. I'm just shorter. I mean no one is exactly the same. We're all different in some way, so we should just accept each other's differences. And anyway I'm proud of who I am. Why would I want to change?(finished)

kind of 有几分






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