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Unit 12 How many kites are the

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关于there be结构例析

  1. - _____ any birds in the picture ?   - Yes, _______.

  A. Are there; they are   B. Is there; there is

  C. Are there; there are  D. Is there; there are

  解析:答案为C。本句的意思是“在图画里有些鸟”,即 There be的句型。此句型的 一般疑问句应 be提前;birds是复数, be动词用 are而不是 is,因此,B、D被排处。对 there be句型的一般疑问句的回答仍使用 there,而不是使用 they , 故A也被排除。

  2.There _______ pencil-box, two books and some flowers on the table.

  A. is a  B. are some  C. has a  D. have some

  解析:答案为A。本句there be句型的主语虽然是三项,但be的单复数形式要与第一个主语相一致。


  1. - Are there _____ students in the classroom?  - No, there aren’t ________.

  A. some; any  B. some; some  C. any; some  D. any; any


  2. There are four boats on the river. (对划线部分提问)

  ______  _______  boats __________ there on the river ?

  解析:就数词提问时, 应用How many, 其后要加上可数名词复数。答案为:How many boats are there on the river?

关于let sb do sth句型例析

  Let me ________ them.

  A. to count  B. count  C. counting  D. counts


  1)此句是一个祈使句。“ let sb. do sth.”这一句型是“让某人做某事”的意思。let是及物动词,所以可以带宾语,当宾语是人称代词时必须用宾格。如:    Let’s ( Let us ) have a cup of coffee. 我们喝杯茶吧。Let Han Mei go with us. 让韩梅跟我们一起去吧。

  2)count 是及物动词,后面直接加宾语,表示“数……”。 如: count the money 数钱、count the number of the students in Class 9 数出五班学生的人数。count还可以做不及物动词,后接介词或副词。如:Count from one to ten. 从一数到十。


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